Saturday, 20 April 2013

D'Matahari another bold pattern to brighten up ur day.

Salam all..we love bold and colorful shawls. Stay tune for our new arrival D'Matahari chiffon shawl. Look elegant with Simplecuteshawl. Follow our FB for updates ye..we will update the new collection at

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Brighten Ur days with bright and bold colors

Salam everybody..have a good weekend. Just want to share some updates with uols on our shawls collection. Just visit our for more design and pattern.

Do u guys love stripe?
Photo: Hanie is wearing dark blue stripe printed shawl. Look something different kan..
Do you guys love to be fun and chick? Why not shopaholic printed shawl?

Do you guys in love or attending lovely occasion? Why not wear this chiffon heart printed shawl.
If you want to wear for something bold and bright colors?
Wait for our new arrival next Monday ye.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Brighten ur day with yellow

Salam Jumaat semua..some people think yellow might not suit them but sometimes they do..interested to purchase this pattern shawl please proceed to check details

You have to email  us to check for availability and wait for our notification reply. Then proceed with payment and fill in order form.

Model is wearing light yellow color handbag printed shawl.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Do visit simplecuteshawl.blogspot

Salam semua,

Hanie just want to inform that we have a new blog that more focus on shawls. Hanie and my sis memang fans shawl la sbb dlm almari kita org mmg penuh dgn shawls je..we want to be a little bit fashionable anytime at any day..senang je pakai shawl ni. So to make the shawl fans experience easy browsing we decided to have another blog to cater our interest in shawls. Shawl2 ni Hanie beli ketika fly ke serata sape yg suka pakai shawls bole la visit this blog ye. Banyak sekali pattern yg cute simple dan cantik for daily use. Harga very the reasonable dan kualiti juga tinggi.

Link seperti dibawah

We appreciate for your kind support.

Monday, 25 February 2013

The zig zag shoes

Salam semua..sambung balik cite Hanie kat Bangkok ye..tengah jalan2 cari shawl tiba tiba terpandang zig zag shoes ni..sgt cantik..kalau sesiapa yg interested please inbox ye..

Photo: Salam semua. .ada sapa2 minat Zig Zag ballerina? berminat inbox me okay. .

Our new collections

Salam semua Hanie baru jek balik dari Bangkok keje la tp smbil tu  minum air ehhh sambil tu jalan-jalan cari la shawl shawl yg simple dan cute. Dah penat jalan duk jap kat kaki lima hehe

Photo: am back. .
Jom kita tengok collection terbaru..
Cart wheel pattern
Material: Chiffon
Size: 170cm L x 70cm W
RM30.00 (exclude postage)
Available colors: white, blue, pink and yellow
Photo: Cartwheel printed chiffion silk ^_^
Polka dot pattern
Material: Chiffon
Size: 170cm L x 70cm W
Available colors: Blue, Beige, Black
RM25.00 (exclude postage)
Photo: Salam sisters..Our New collection ^_^

Chiffon Polka Dot Pattern Large Shawl with sz:170*70cm
Bohemian pattern
Material: Chiffon
Size: 170cm L x 70cm W
Available colors:
RM30.00 (exclude postage)
Photo: New Collection ^_^
Bohemian design with chiffon silk sz 170*70cm.
Due to hot demand, we are bringing back the small ribbon printed shawls
Ribbon printed
Material Chiffon
Size: 170cm L x 70 cm W
Colors: Green and Red
RM25.00 (exclude postage)
Photo: Alhamdulillah. .♥♥miss cute Ribbon nie ada new color..Green with brown ribbon n restock Red color due to hot demand...cepatt sebelum melepas. ..
Please inbox or call me if you are interested to buy.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Miss Little Cute Ribbon is coming back

Salam semua..

Hanie just want to update My'iesha collections of shawl malam ni..ramai yg bertanya ada lg tak ribbon shawl is available in two colors again ..for them interested to have simple and nice shawl please inbox ye..due to hot demand..cepat jgn lambat nanti bye bye jek kan..

The model is wearing red and beige ribbon printed shawl.
 Now we are restocking for red ribbon shawl and there is also green with brown ribbon shawl
material :silk chiffon ringan tidak jarang
Size 163 cm x 70 cm
Rm 25.00 (without postage)
red color with off white cute ribbon printed shawl
green color shawl with brown cure ribbon printed shawl

ok jom kita koling koling